Lecture: 05.09.2020, Re:Forum Trieste

The symposium “Re:Forum – Trieste 2020” deals with “Architecture and Urban Design Post-Corona”. For three days, 17 renowned architects, philosophers, sociologists, urban planners from various European countries will provide a highly exciting starting contribution: they will each present a specific topic and derive theses from it on how architecture and the city can be thought of and concretized in a more ethical, sustainable and innovative way. The goal is to formulate a charter at the end: “How can architecture and urban design contribute to a good life in a just society?”

Based on our study “Räumliches Leitbild Bregenz”, Much Untertrifaller shows how sustainable urban development can work.

Androna Campo Marzio 8
34100 Trieste
5. September 2020, 14:30