Weizeneggerweg, Bregenz (AT)

The four-story construction is placed on an exactly ashlar-shaped cement footing, sheltering a parking area and sometimes to be converted with tendrils. Its short discs draw up to the ground floor′s upper margin and thus overcome the ascending slope, such as the four horizontally emphasized parapets of the upper floors from a homogenous figure.
The clarity of expression is barely disrupted by the interplay of receding loggias; and the filling panels between the rooms′ windows are held in dark anthracite, thus resembling the glasses and exterior skin covering the recessed attic story. The strong image developed by the parapets, vertically united at the rear of the house, produces an undisturbed effect. Color is quite significant in this respect. The parapets′ friendly pale, mildly warm grey plaster work acts in a conciliatory rather than fashionably distant way.
Clear and functional, the ground plans for the small and the larger flats also make the best possible use of the view and exposure to the south for individual outdoor dining. Across from the receding ground floor access, a sibling of the practical Schopf offers storage room for bicycles and strollers.

Client: Rhomberg Bau
Location: A-6900 Bregenz, Weizeneggerweg
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Alex Früh
Construction: 1998-2000

photos: © Ignacio Martinez