Warths!Ap Apartment House, Warth am Arlberg (AT)

The crystalline three-story structure covered in wood shingles confidently settles into the steep slope responding to the demanding topography and successfully avoiding constant problematic terrain changes. The building becomes an integral part of the wonderful alpine landscape. Thanks to the traditional, dignified façade, it perfectly blends into the soft landscape of the village.
The warm interior atmosphere is characterized by its full-surface paneling in white fir, adding to the overall coziness. The windows are set precisely and allow the guests to constantly experience the surrounding mountains and to connect to the special landscape.
There are nine apartments available – five with two bedrooms and two bathrooms – as well as a breakfast kitchen and a spa area in the basement.

Client: FAB GmbH Egg
Location: A-6767 Warth am Arlberg
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Susanne Gaudl
Construction: 2017
Area: 255 m²
Capacity: 9 apartments, breakfast kitchen, wellness area

site management: Projekt & Plan Elmenreich, Au / structural engineering: Mader & Flatz, Bregenz / building physics: DI Bernhard Weithas, Lauterach / HAVCR: Installationen Beer, Au / electronics: EWR, Reutte / Geo technique: 3P, Bregenz / timber construction: Fetz, Egg /// photos: © Dietrich | Untertrifaller