Volkstheater Renovation, Vienna (AT)

The People’s Theatre of Vienna, or “Volkstheater”, was built in 1889 in Neo-Renaissance style as a counterpart of the bourgeois Burgtheater. The aim of the urgently needed renovation and conversion work is to offer the spectators contemporary comfort, to establish modern safety standards and to improve economic efficiency. The entire listed building and its original character are preserved. The rehabilitation and modernization of the theatre includes the creation of a new side stage, an extension that improves the conditions for deliveries and assembly of the decorations, storage spaces in the basement and a rehearsal stage on the first floor. In the public reception hall, the main cloakroom and box office have been reorganized. A new terrace was added to the well-known Rote Bar above the restored opulent facades, providing a street entrance to the theatre.

Client: Volkstheater GmbH
Location: A-1070 Vienna, Neustiftgasse 1
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Van der Donk
Project management: Michael Porath, Axel Laimer-Liedtke
Competition: 2016
Construction: 2019-2020
Area: ca. 600 m²

project control, structural engineering, building physics: FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner / HAVCR: Zentraplan, Wiener Neustadt / electronics: TB Eipeldauer+Partner, Traiskirchen / stage: Kottke, Bayreuth / acoustics: Müller BBM, Planegg / landscape: Kieran Fraser, Vienna /// photos: © EMILBLAU / Martin Geyer, © Dietrich | Untertrifaller