Edlach Elementary School, Dornbirn (AT)

New pedagogical concepts ask for new architectural forms. To transform the elementary school in Edlach into a contemporary cluster school, the master classes and group rooms are arranged as small units and offer a wide range of spatial configurations. The circulation space is reduced to a minimum. Parallel to the existing gym, the 70-meter-long new main building arranges the teaching rooms on two levels. The classes open to a glazed central core, generously flooded by daylight. It expands in some places and defines zones for group work and for relaxation. Roofed, wood-clad, incised balconies on the narrow sides also serve as outdoor classes. The link between the school and the gym is the glazed, multifunctional hall, also the main entrance to the school. On the ground floor, there are a library, special classes, meeting and teacher rooms as well as wardrobes and toilets. Two freestanding concrete staircases lead to the classroom level. The use of natural products and the attention to detail make this building a harmonious and cheerful place of teaching and learning.

Client: Stadt Dornbirn
Location: A-6850 Dornbirn, Edlach
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Peter Nussbaumer, Anna Norrgard, Christopher Braun
Competition: 2012
Construction: 2015-2016
Area: 3,770 m²
Ecology: lowest energy standard, 17kWh/m2/year
Capacity: 300 students / 12 classes

2017 National Award for Architecture and Sustainability

site management: Flatschacher, Hohenems / structural engineering: gbd and Nagy, Dornbirn / HAVCR: Cukrowicz, Lauterach / electronics: Meusburger, Bezau / geotechnics: 3P Geotechnik, Bregenz / building physics: Weithas, Lauterach /// photos: © Kurt Hörbst, © Bruno Klomfar