Wiener Stadthalle F, Vienna (AT)

The new multifunctional Hall F for 2,000 visitors is a congenial addition to the impressive Vienna Stadthalle designed by Roland Rainer in 1958. Built based on a the winning entry in a competition, the edifice was erected on a site important for urban development; Hall F delineates the space and defines the adjacent street patterns and squares, but leaves the main role to the Rainer-building.
The new volume, whose sidewalls are open in transparency on the city, defines a forecourt with its twelve-metre overhang that leads directly to the reception hall. The interior is clearly structured by short pathways and direct access routes. Two wide, symmetrically arranged staircases lead to the foyers, whose floor blends in with the slope of the room. The bright red interior of the Great Hall contrasts with the smooth aluminium cladding of the light outer shell. Floors, walls and ceilings are paneled with robinia wood. Acoustics equipment generating short reverberation times ensures ideal sound quality for various events.
The rear sections of the building are outfitted with rehearsal and banquet halls, such as used for conventions. They are directly accessible from the foyers. One level above, a tract houses dministration and production offices.

Client: Stadthalle Wien
Location: A-1150 Wien, Vogelweidplatz 14
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Michael Porath, Peter Nussbaumer
Competition: 2002
Construction: 2003-2006
Area: 13,660 m²
Capacity: 2,000 seats

2007 Otto Wagner Städtebaupreis, 2006 Bauherrenpreis Österreich (Client Award Austria 2006)

site management, HAVCR, building physics: Vasko+Partner, Vienna / structural engineering concrete: Kollitsch Stanek, Vienna / structural engineering steel: Raunicher, Vienna / stage: Kottke, Bayreuth / acoustics: Müller-BBM, Planegg /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar