Sports Center Gilles Boutantin, Cormeilles-en-Parisis (FR)

Much like sports itself, sports facilities are always important sites of identification. Particularly in smaller towns like Cormeilles-en-Parisis, 17 km northeast of Paris, club sport plays a vital role in social life. With its new sports centre, the municipality of Cormeilles offers local teams, amateur athletes and schools optimal training and competition conditions.

With its flowing silhouette, the sports centre makes a striking statement at the entrance to the town, yet blends unobtrusively into the loosely built residential area. The lowered playing field enabled us to keep the building height moderate. Smartly placed bends modulate the length of the building, and a simple twist turns the ribbon-shaped roof into an attractive canopy that stretches protectively over the entrance and forecourt. With clever spatial references we arranged the dense programme clearly on two levels. The generously glazed reception hall connects the competition hall in the south, the multi-purpose hall in the north, the dojo and the fistball room in the west. The “meeting zone” in the reception area – space for informal exchange and socialising – offers a panoramic view of the competition hall below and leads the spectators directly to the stands. In the basement there is a weight room open to the competition hall as well as the changing rooms, storage and technical rooms.

The sports hall is planned as a wooden construction with a two-story reinforced concrete core. The building shell made of anodized aluminium contributes to its integration into the surrounding, as does the high transparency, which allows inside and outside views. The roof, also clad in aluminium, acts as a fifth façade visible from afar. The wood panelling on the ceilings and walls and the daylight flowing in through the roomhigh glazing lend the spaces a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Client: Ville de Cormeilles-en-Parisis
Location: F-95240 Cormeilles en Parisis
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Clement Josse
Competition: 2019
Construction: 2021–2023
Area: 5,000 m2
Program: Sports centre with two sports fields and ancillary rooms as well as special sports halls (judo, football, fistball, weight training).

structural engineering: Bollinger Grohmann, Paris / HAVCR: ALTO Ingénierie, Paris / costs: VPEAS, Paris /// Fotos: Aldo Amoretti