Alter Postweg Sports Hall, Vaihingen (DE)

The new sports hall on the old postal route in Vaihingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg) is designed as a compact, functional and very economical hall structure constructed in timber. Only the parts in contact with the earth are made of reinforced concrete. It is arranged into a three-pitch sports hall with a spectator area, a three-story functional area and a multi-purpose area with a foyer and a multi-purpose room. All usable areas are united under the same roof.
The building blends harmoniously into the existing ensemble of the Friedrich-Abel-Gymnasium and the 1-2-3 Halle. The design takes on the building contours of the surrounding buildings and defines the main entrance for events and sports use with a recess to the south-west. The cantilevered roof, as a clear entrance overhang, protects against the weather and offers effective shading to the south. The barrier-free, covered entrance is an invitation to linger, around which the visitors can distribute themselves both inside and outside at events.
The building height has been designed according to the requirements of the halls, and displays an understated design with its slim supporting hall construction. A large part of the hall is underground and does not burden the above-ground volume of the structure. To the north lies the three-story functional wing. Due to the sloping terrain, all rooms are above ground and can be naturally exposed and ventilated. The function of the building can clearly be understood in the facade design: The sides of the hall are closed, large windows allow interactions from the inside to the outside, create visual references and support the underlying function. The ground floor’s open design offers insights into all areas of use, so that despite the arrangement of the compact floor plan, a communicative, open and light-filled building emerges.
The pragmatic appearance of the building is also reflected in the materials used: the timber support structure remains visible; the interior of the hall is designed with simple and robust wooden elements. The flat facade of perforated, golden brown anodized aluminum meander coats the entire building and protects the areas behind it from outside viewing and sunlight. The jury awarded first place to Dietrich | Untertrifaller architects in a double-blinded procedure. They commended how the design cleverly used the topography of the site to distribute the functions over several levels. As a result, the new hall enters into a fruitful dialog with its surroundings.

Client: Stadt Vaihingen an der Enz
Location: D-71665 Vaihingen an der Enz, Alter Postweg
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Peter Nussbaumer, Andreas Miorini
Competition: 2017
Construction: 2019-2020
Area: 3,620 m²

site management: Wenzel+Wenzel, Stuttgart / structural engineering: Knippers Helbig, Stuttgart / HAVCR: pbs Ingenieure, Köngen