Swimming and Sports Hall Gräfelfing, Lochham (DE)


A swimming hall with a 25-meter pool and practice pool as well as a three-field sports hall including a boulder wall, sprint tunnel and spacious ancillary rooms – the project of the municipality of Gräfelfing on the Lochham school campus involves quite a great deal of volume. Our aim was to arrange this cubature in the most compatible way for the surroundings and in the most functional way for the users. The result is a one-story, split building with a green flat roof, whose striking, bent silhouette blends harmoniously and yet confidently into its surroundings. We arranged the swimming hall and the lowered sports hall at an acute angle to each other and connected it by a triangular common access area. The asymmetrically cantilevered roof accentuates the entrances and guides visitors intuitively into the hall.
The two-story foyer not only serves for access, but can also be used for events. Exposed concrete, a lot of light-colored wood and glass determine the robust, high-quality design. Generous roof windows direct daylight right into the center of the building. The communicative atmosphere of the foyer is characterized by a buffet, seating area and attractive insights and views across the floors. A boulder wall and a sprint tunnel vitalize the basement.
On a reinforced concrete base, which houses the lowered sports hall, the building services and sanitary facilities, the wooden hall rises around the massive access cores. Narrow vertical battens accentuate the wood clad façade and act as privacy and sun protection in front of the generous glazing.
The new swimming and sports hall replaces the building, which has become too small, and will in future be open not only to schools but also to club sports. In this way, the sports facility makes an important contribution to social life and sends a clear signal that swimming is a priority to the community.

Client: Municipality Gräfelfing, Bavaria
Site: Adalbert-Stifter-Straße, 82166 Gräfelfing
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Johannes Krüger, Benjamin Figueroa Henseler
Competition: VGV 2018
Construction: 2020-24
Area: 6.730 m² BGF
Capacity: 6-lane swimming pool, 40 m² practice pool, three-field sports hall, boulder wall, 60 m sprint tunnel, gymnastics room

construction management: Wenzel + Wenzel, Karlsruhe / structural engineering: Suess Staller Schmitt Ingenieure, Gräfelfing / building physics: IB Hausladen, Kirchheim / HAVCR: Wach, Baldham / Electronics: Geyer & Fels, Huglfing / pool: GMF, Neuried / fire protection: DI Steinlehner, Munich / landscape: Adler & Olesch, Nürnberg