Secondary School with Hall, Klaus (AT)

The new secondary school of Klaus replaces the existing school and was designed with energy efficiency and budget in mind. The construction was completed with a fast-track schedule of only 18 months in 2003. In a second phase ten years later, the existing gym was replaced by a new multi-purpose hall. The ensemble of school and hall is part of a sparsely built urban network with a mix of commercial and single-family residential buildings.
The school building accommodates the classrooms and the administration. A three-story, skylit central atrium provides the circulation and brings light down to the ground floor, thus enhancing one’s orientation. Individual foot bridges cross the atrium and access each classroom. The school is an example, not only in its capacity as the first school in Austria built according to the passive house standard, but also because of its spatial configuration in timber construction.
The hall comprises the gymnasium and the public library, as well as a reception and study rooms. Like the school, it is made of timber, wrapped in a precisely-worked silver fir shell. The ingenious roof structure with a total of 56 truncated pyramids guide daylight evenly onto the floor of the hall. A glazed transverse-bar, housing the public library in the upper floor, connects school and hall, creating plenty of views through the glass and thereby making orientation easy.

Client: Gemeinde Klaus
Location: A-6833 Klaus, Treietstraße 17
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Peter Nußbaumer, Isabella Pfeiffer
Competition: 2001
Construction: 2013-2014 / 2002-2003
Area: 6,940 m²
Ecology: Passiv house standard
Capacity: 250 students / 600 visitors

National Award for Architecture and Sustainability; Timber Construction Award Vorarlberg; Energy Globe Vorarlberg

site management: Gmeiner, Schwarzach / structural engineering concrete: gbd, Dornbirn; Mader + Flatz, Bregenz / structural engineering timber: Pock, Spittal; Merz Kaufmann Partner, Dornbirn / HAVCR: Team GMI, Dornbirn; Synergy, Dornbirn / electronics: Hecht, Rankweil / building physics: Team GMI, Schaan; Weithas, Hard / acoustics: Brüstle, Dornbirn / landscape: Rotzler Krebs, Winterthur; Heinrich, Winterthur /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar