Schlossquartier, Singen (DE)

The castle in the centre of Singen with its park in the shadow of the Hohentwiel represents an important listed ensemble with a high identification factor. The mighty 18th-century building dominates its surroundings with its oversized street and the somewhat forlorn-looking spaces between the town hall and the new city hall. However, the castle lacks an adequate forecourt and meaningful references to the urban structure.
Our concept for a redesign upgrades the situation with a self-confident placement of clearly structured, stepped buildings. Above all, the common forecourt creates a place full of urban qualities after removing the street-side wall, a new address in the best sense. The public use of the ground floor and its radiance in the urban space also contributes to this. The new building is connected to the existing coach house via the patio by a weather-protected corridor, but still keeps a respectful distance.
The dialogue between the park and the new square is also decisive – a spatial sequence of high conciseness and mutual enhancement. The park is to be significantly improved and restored in the sense of the original concept, and the wall facing the town hall is to be retained. Towards Schaffhauser Straße, the finely graded sequence of residential and office buildings closes off the park space without appearing hermetic.

Client: PRISMA Zentrum für Standort- und Regionalentwicklung
Location: Singen am Hohentwiel, DE
Architecure: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Maria Megina, Martin Höck
Construction: 2022-2024
Area: 11.800 m²
Capacity: 78 apartments, offices, co-working, restaurants, underground parking

statics: ZSZ Ingenieure Zivieltechniker, Innsbruck / electrics: Kienle Beratende Ingenieure, Ostrach / building services: Rolf Witschard, Ravensburg / fire protection: CAD-Plan, Tettnang /// rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller