Landing Stage, Hard (AT)

A supply base for excursion boats, particularly the historical “Hohentwiel” was created along the shore of Lake Constance, near a yacht harbor and an overhaul hangar. The customs post and harbor constabulary also required additional space. A slender, stilted roof underlines a particular location in the extension of an access road. The bright blue facades of a long ashlar increases this effect. A spacious roof parallel to the volumes provides sunshade and rain protection. Two piers guide the visitor towards the shore, where large ships can dock. A workshop and industrial court at the rear of the building and at the water edge are defined by a second, smaller ashlar clad in corrugated sheets.
While the backside of the principal building remains closed in spite of four service doors on the ground floor, the large-roof front is more inviting. Although heavy crowds are rarely expected, the rope-ladder-like stairway leading up to the first floor tempts climbers. A window band and several doors refer to differentiated occupancies. The meticulous details, the precise horizontal pattern of the blue cement chipboards and the protective sheet-metal angles give this lightweight construction a special touch. Like an over-sized jewel box, the building gives a new unique flair to the village on the lake banks.

Client: Marktgemeinde Hard
Location: A-6971 Hard, Hafenstraße 15
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Susanne Gaudl
Competition: 1990
Construction: 1992-1993
Area: 210 m³

structural engineering: Ernst Mader, Bregenz /// photos: © Adolf Bereuter