Rudolf Steiner School, Vienna (AT)

The Rudolf Steiner School at Maurer Schlössl was founded in 1964 and is Austria’s oldest Waldorf school. The new building blends harmoniously with the historical structure. Most of the renovations and additions are concentrated on the southern side facing away from the road.
The character of the building is retained and optically enhanced. The flexible room concept offers a creative learning environment with a maximum of variable functions and applications: Learning, play, social or workshop zones can be freely set and adapted to the respective needs. The central access and the clear separation of functions in the interior result in logical processes and help with orientation. The dining room with garden access, the naturally lit gymnasium, the integrated health food store and the roof garden form the main elements of the spatial plan.
The new building will be constructed in wood, with natural insulating materials such as straw, wood, hemp or clay. The interior is made of clay. These building materials have a low manufacturing energy and are regionally available. The aim is to create an interior that is as chemical-free as possible.

Client: Rudolf Steiner Schulverein
Location: A-1230 Vienna, Endresstraße 113
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Andreas Breuss
Project management: Michael Porath, Gordon Selbach
Competition: 2014
Construction: 2020-2022
Area: 3,125 m²
Capacity: 4 standard classrooms, gymnasium, exercise room, workshops, Kindergarten, nursery, wholefood shop, cafeteria

structural engineering concrete: Gerhard Gschwandtl ZT, Vienna / structural engineering wood: KPZT – Kurt Pock Tragwerksplanung, Klagenfurt / building physics: Dr. Pfeiler ZT, Graz / HAVCR, electronics: Immo-Objekttechnik, Vienna / fire protection: Hoyer, Vienna / landscape: Carla Lo, Vienna / rendering: Expressiv, Vienna