Eggelsbergerin Quarter, Eggelsberg (AT)

On the southern edge of the Innviertel village of Eggelsberg, a mixed-use neighbourhood is being built with shops, restaurants, a daycare centre and flats. 37 kilometres from Salzburg, the motto is “affordable, high quality housing and attractive work places close to the city”.

Commercial buildings
We start in the north-east of the approx. 15,000 m² site with three commercially used, five-storey structures that are connected to each other. This structure allows pedestrian circulation and at the same time shields the residential buildings behind from the busy street.

Residential buildings
To the west, three cube-shaped point buildings and a row of terraced houses will follow. Together with the commercial buildings on the northeast side, these point buildings enclose the future neighbourhood centre with shared open spaces, garden restaurants and a children’s playground.
To the south, there are two-storey terraced houses, offset from each other to ensure privacy. The associated carport with a green flat roof provides noise protection from the B156 and additional storage space. The flats extend from front to back, with balconies and private gardens on both sides. The two-tiered monopitch roof allows for generous lighting in the central zone and blends in smoothly with the existing buildings typical of the area.

To reduce unwanted noise, the houses are built in reinforced concrete with ventilated wooden façades. Longitudinal slats in the point houses and horizontal timber boarding in the terraced houses create attractive accents.

Client: Hajek Riedmann Projekt Oberösterreich u. Salzburg GmbH
Location: A-5142 Eggelsberg, Ibmer Moor Bezirksstraße
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Vinzenz Dreher, Benjamin Michels
Construction: ab 2023
Area: 3.340 m²
Capacity: Offices & commercial buildings; point houses: 30 apartments, terraced houses: 9 apartments, underground parking

Renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller