Am Seebogen, Seestadt Aspern, Vienna (AT)

90 apartments are being built on the approximately 3,000 m² property at Seestadt Aspern, including 59 subsidized standard apartments and 31 SMART apartments as well as business premises, offices and studios. The complex consists of an elongated, five- to six-story row building and a compact, higher free-standing structure, connected in the basement. The curving row building defines an attractive forecourt and at the same time clearly delineates the distinctive high point. To the south, the bend creates another green space that sections the public area off from the inner courtyard, thus defining the location for the residential buildings. Mineral relief facades, inset loggias and height variations create a varied picture. The structures acquire a powerful plasticity and at the same time respond to the scale of their surroundings.
The layered freestanding structure offers a variety of functions to the public: from sports and retail on the ground floor, via co-working space and shared living on the above levels, to the purely residential floors. The large apartments are situated in the corners and exposed on two sides. In the row building with the somewhat lower hall apartments, the living space is sandwiched between the two facades and likewise exposed on two sides. The studios are spread out over all the floors, while a pergola leading to the green courtyard emphasizes the lengthwise-extent and ensures movement and communication within the house. Naturally illuminated, spacious foyers provide the tenants with unrestricted access to their apartments. Due to the wind-exposed location, the private open spaces are designed as protected loggias.
A community center with a café and visitor garden animates the forecourt. Communal areas with terraces are being planned on the rooftops of both buildings to offer the residents a common, peaceful retreat. In the center of the residential area lies a semi-public courtyard surrounded by green areas, combining versatile play and sports facilities with attractive seating and lounging areas. A lively interaction and communication between the residents is available for all ages, inviting an active lifestyle. Low-threshold sport and exercise programs in social housing are an important contribution to a lively living environment, especially in vibrant urban areas.
This project was the winner of a public, two-stage development competition. The jury especially praised the fact that due to the precisely shaped square, the complex “almost completely eliminates the barrier effect of the subway high-tracks in an exemplary manner”. The social sustainability was also positively rated: “The sports offers are an essential addition to the Seestadt Aspern. This location is expected to provide impetus for fitness and sports for the entire Seestadt district.”

Client: EBG Gemeinnützige Ein- und Mehrfamilienhäuser
Location: A-1220 Vienna, Seestadt Aspern, Am Seebogen, Barbara-Prammer-Allee 13
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Doreen Rehmer-Jeitler, Tobias Indermühle
Competition: 2017
Construction: 2019-2022
Area: 12,220 m²
Capacity: 90 apartments plus premises (ateliers, co-working spaces, club center, sports studio)

structural engineering: Gschwandtl ZT, Vienna / landscape: Kieran Fraser, Vienna /// photos: Kurt Hoerbst