Showroom Lehner Schölmberger, Eferding (AT)

The full-service provider for exhibition stand construction and shop fitting was given an exhibition and administration building, facing towards the main road. The entrance building serves many purposes: as a portal, company logo, large shop window and lobby. It adds a diligently designed flair to the mixed-use development, conveying the company’s high-quality take on architecture. A pavilion-like low building right behind it houses the offices. An adjacent two-story unit leads to the production facilities.
An approx. 30 meters long, two-story high, space defining cedar wood frame determines the first impression. It houses three spatially separated areas of use: the driveway, at the same time a weatherproof atrium, the entrance hall, which serves as a lobby and showroom and features the third zone, a suspended gallery that is used for several purposes.
The offices are situated right behind the entrance hall. Their glazed side facades feature upright window vents and differ from the ethereal “glass membranes” of the entrance hall. A small, graveled garden courtyard with a maple tree creates a contemplative oasis of tranquility. A geothermal probe located in the groundwater supplies a heat pump, which heats the building in the winter and, if required, cools it in the summer. Instead of a controlled ventilation system, the windows can be opened. A floor and cooling system suffices for the offices, supplemented by an identical system in the ceiling of the portal building. In this building, architectural and ecological standards are not mutually exclusive.

Client: LS Lehner, Schölmberger
Location: A-4070 Eferding, Brandstätter Straße 15
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Thomas Spiegel, Norbert Haumer
Construction: 2004-2006
Area: 435 m²

2005 Holzbaupreis OÖ (Timber Construction Award of Upper Austria)

site management: Salfinger, Wels / structural engineering: Merz Kaufmann, Dornbirn / HACVR: Synergy, Dornbirn / landscape: Bacher, Linz /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar