legero united campus, Feldkirchen (AT)

The architectural concept for the Legero headquarter consists of two differently sized rings, the height of which can be increased at any time. Thus, we met the customer’s desire for a “growing” corporate headquarter, that can be expanded in stages without producing a provisional, a torso. The result is a campus as a place with independent identity and great charisma, a dynamic and yet harmonious composition, at any time and in all stages of construction.
The big office ring takes up the first two stages of construction. However, its structure is also designed to hold up a significant space potential by adding it over the green roof terrace. The circular floor plans create varied spatial experiences in the movement through the projectiles and enable the individual departments flexible design solutions both in the horizontal and in the vertical. The closed form protects against noise pollution and creates an independent inner world that invites communication and relaxation with glass pavilions, wooden decks and lush plantings.
Next to the office ring is the cylindrical outlet. Its flowing sequence of rooms is structured by additional cylinders of different size and function. This ambiance creates a shopping experience that is highly associable with the Legero brands and that can be supplemented with additional circular volumes to create a retailer center.
The circular building can grow over several construction phases up to eight storeys plus basement floor. On the upper floors, the circular floor plan is quartered by reinforced concrete access cores. This basic order allows a functional, aesthetically and economically highly efficient structure. Columns (in wood and composite), ceiling-level beams made of reinforced concrete and wood-concrete composite ceilings are prefabricated and assembled on the construction site using the modular principle. In addition to a rapid construction progress, this also allows a sophisticated, because defined design of the surfaces. The essential elements of the wooden structure can thus be seen and experienced in the building. Aesthetic, economical and sustainable.

Video legero united in fast motion (© Peikko Austria GmbH)

Client: legero united campus GmbH
Location: A-8073 Feldkirchen near Graz
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Ulrike Bale-Gabriel, Fabio Verber
Competition: 2016
Construction: 2018-2019
Area: 9,100 m²
Capacity: 250 working places, offices & showroom/outlet

structural engineering concrete: Wendl, Graz / structural engineering timber: Merz Kley Partner, Dornbirn / building engineering: teamgmi, Vienna / electronics: Klauss, Seiersberg / building physics: Spektrum, Dornbirn / landscape: Kieran Fraser, Graz / renderings: Expressiv, Vienna