Cartoucherie Wood’art, Toulouse (FR)

The mixed eco-district “Cartoucherie Wood’art” will be built on a former industrial site on the left bank of the Garonne with a total of 3,100 m² apartments, 6,000 m² of commercial space and public facilities such as schools, sports and leisure. Dietrich | Untertrifaller won the competition in September 2017 together with Seuil Architecture for a project consisting of apartments, shops and a hotel. Not least because 75% of the buildings are made of wood – an issue that is becoming increasingly important in France.
The master plan divides the 13,000 m² area into two parts: The ten-story hotel tower accentuates the lively Place des Halles in the east, while the two-line residential buildings are located on the quieter west side. All buildings are connected by a common, greened pedestal, which houses shops and public facilities. The hotel is built from three-dimensional, prefabricated wooden modules, in the residential buildings, the floors and walls consist of prefabricated wooden elements. This construction not only has a very positive effect on the energy figures and the room climate, but also on the construction time and thus on the costs. In the hotel lobby, on the facades, ceilings and balconies, wood also provides a pleasant ambience and high comfort in terms of look and feel.
The residential area “Cartoucherie Wood’art” shows that wood is an excellent building material because of not only its ecologically sustainable qualities and its positive effects on the quality of living, but also due to its legitimacy in terms of building economics and constructive properties in large-volume, urban buildings.

Client: Icade, Patrimoine, Eklo, Gotham, Oppidéa
Location: F-31000 Toulouse
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Christina Kimmerle
Competition: 2017
Construction: 2017-2020
Area: 13,000 m²
Capacity: apartments, commerce, hotel

structural engineering: Terrell, Toulouse / timber construction: Maitre Cube, Paris / HAVCR: Soconer, Toulouse / acoustics: Gamba, Labège / costs: Sept, Muret Haute-Garonne / landscape: Idtec, Seysses / rendering: Expressiv, Vienna