Kapfturm, Feldkirch (AT)


The mixed-use tower “Kapfturm” is an ambitious project that provides modern and sustainable answers to the needs of the booming city of Feldkirch. With an innovative, multifunctional concept, our office was able to convince the jury of the two-stage competition at the beginning of 2020.
Leaning on the slope of the Ardetzenberg, we designed a a tower with a restaurant, a hotel with 19 rooms, 20 rental apartments and a sky bar. In an exposed, highly frequented location at the tunnel entrance, which connects the old town with the north-western districts of the city, the Kapfturm marks the “gateway to the city”. A traditional inn stood here until 2004, since then the site has been lying fallow. Now the area is to become a “permanent and attractive part of city life” again, according to investor Alfred Geisinger.
The restaurant on the ground floor revives the gastronomic tradition of this place, the three floors above house a 38 bed hotel. In order to meet the demand for small flats, 20 urban apartments for singles and couples are located on the five floors above. From the Skybar at a height of about thirty metres you can enjoy the view of the mountain panorama and the Tostner Castle.
The architecture of the 27-metre high Kapfturm follows the mighty cliffs of the Ardetzenberg, which support the presence of the building, as well as the building lines and visual axes of the surroundings. With its polygonal layout, the elegant, slender building makes optimal use of the site. The compressed structure created a spacious forecourt, which, attractively designed, will be used as a terrace and for events, as a meeting place for locals and guests.

Client: Geisinger Kapfturm GmbH, Feldkirch
Location: A-6800 Feldkirch, Kapfstraße
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Peter Nussbaumer
Competition: 2020
Construction: 2021-22
Area: ca. 1,500 m²
Capacity: 20 apartments, 19 hotel rooms, restaurant, skybar, underground parking


statics: gbd, Dornbirn / geotechnics: Dönz, Schruns / building physics & technics: teamgmi, Schaan / electrics: E-Plus, Egg; BIW, Tschagguns / fire protection: HIG Gruppe, Thalheim bei Wels / landscape: Gruber + Haumer, Bürs /// rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller