Jagdschlossgasse, Vienna (AT)

Located in a verdant islet, the residential complex comprises a renovated old building and three new housing plots on the south side of the property. This arrangement frees space from the plot and offers the residents the continuity of a large common park. The freestanding buildings are placed to preserve the trees and to avoid vis-à-vis constellations. Each accommodation enjoys optimal sunshine and an unobstructed view of the garden. The original structure of the renovated building remains preserved but elevated: the attic is transformed into an additional floor of apartments. The vertical circulation is placed in the center of the building; the apartments can thus have double or even triple exposure. In the generous loggias, sliding panels Рin closed position Рallow annexing this space to the apartment; in open position, the inhabitants feel like living in the garden.

Client: BAI Bauträger Austria Immobilien
Location: A-1130 Vienna, Jagdschlossgasse 21-25
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Christina Kimmerle, Florian Xander
Competition: 2014
Construction: 2021-2023
Area: 14,100 m2
Capacity: 64 condominiums

structural engineering, building physics: Dorr Schober & Partner, Vienna / HAVCR, electronics: Mahr & Partner, Vienna / landscape: Kieran Fraser Landscape Design, Vienna /// rendering: Kieran Fraser Landscape Design