Jagdschlossgasse, Vienna (AT)

The residential complex in the middle of a park in Hietzing comprises the Gründerzeit revitalised former nursing school and three new urban villas. The loose arrangement of the buildings allows for large open spaces and preserves the generous, shared park for the residents. All buildings are placed in such a way to protect the old trees and avoid vis-à-vis situations. Each flat is optimally lit and offers an unobstructed view of the park.
The original contour of the elongated existing building is preserved and is raised by an additional, slightly recessed residential storey. The historic façade will be thermally renovated and restored. The attic receives a perforated finish with anodised aluminium cladding. Private gardens or terraces on the long sides offer high-quality living.
In the three 4-storey, cubic city villas, the vertical central circulation allows for a two- to three-sided orientation of the flats. The surrounding verandas in the style of the Hietzing villas stand out from the surrounding open space and can be used individually. Together with the patios and private gardens in front of them, they create a pleasant buffer between private areas and the shared park. The all-round railing made of anodised aluminium creates a visual reference to the roof structure of the historic building and thus combines the old and the new into a harmonious ensemble with a unique character.

Client: TRIVALUE Management GmbH
Location: A-1130 Vienna, Jagdschlossgasse 21-25
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Florian Xander, Christina Kimmerle
Competition: 2014
Construction: 2022-2023
Area: 11,870 m2
Capacity: 63 condominiums

project control: Attacca Projektmanagement, Vienna / statics, building physics: Dorr Schober & Partner, Vienna / building services, electrics: Mahr & Partner, Vienna / fire protection: Röhrer Bauphysik, Vienna / landscape: Kieran Fraser Landscape Design, Vienna / rendering: Christian Pichlkastner