Innviertlerin Quarter, Moosdorf (AT)

The rural area, the village, needs effective concepts to develop towards a future worth living. Our approach allows the small Salzburg community of Moosdorf to grow out of the centre. With the project “Die Innviertlerin” we are expanding the existing village structures. A food market, a hotel with bakery and café, restaurants, flats for singles, couples and families as well as spaces for offices and practices contribute to a lively village life.

Our concept consists of five houses of different heights, loosely grouped around a vivid “village square”. From north to south, the functions are staggered from public to increasingly private use. The first building is the five-storey hotel with 68 rooms and a restaurant on the ground floor. The lower, elongated building on the street houses a food market, a fitness studio and offices on the upper floor. A pizzeria is planned for the ground floor of the third building. The two upper floors will accommodate 8 units for assisted living and 16 micro-apartments for commuters. Houses four and five, which close off to the south, are located on the quiet side of the neighbourhood facing away from the street and are used exclusively for habitation.

Client: Hajek Riedmann Projekt GmbH
Location: A-5141 Moosdorf
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Vinzenz Dreher, Michael Pleschberger
Construction: 2022-2025
Capacity: 24 rental flats, 16 appartments, assisted living, 68-room hotel with bistro, bakery and café, restaurants, offices, food market, gym, parking garage

Statics, timber construction: Marius Ziviltechniker, Salzburg / building services: Karres Technisches Büro, Salzburg / electrics: Pürcher Engineering, Schladming / fire protection: Hofmann Brandschutz, Prähausen / landscape: D\D Landschaftsplanung, Vienna /// renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller