In der Wiesen Süd, Vienna (AT)

The housing complex “In der Wiesen Süd” consists of five buildings arranged on the site in order to create a serene environment for the inhabitants. The area opens wide towards the north and closes more densely towards the south, where it allows visual perspectives on the street.
Dietrich | Untertrifaller designed the northern part with three tower-like building structures, while the group in the southern area is developed by ARTEC architects. In the green space to the north, these higher buildings form a central and quiet area for the residents. The two six-story buildings take the shape of a flattened hexagon around a hollow core. The numerous balconies offer each apartment different views of the park and the city. The rooms on the ground floor and on the garden level are home to small shops, workshops and offices. An atrium, placed at the core of the building, brings natural light into the access zones. The roof accommodates some community facilities of the residential complex, as well as private gardens.

Client: Heimbau Gemeinnützige Bau-, Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft
Location: A-1230 Vienna, Carlbergergasse
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with ARTEC Architekten
Project management: Maria Megina, Sinisa Macedonic
Competition: 2013
Construction: 2015-2017
Area: 22,500 m²
Ecology: 23 kWh/m²a
Capacity: 310 apartments (Dietrich | Untertrifaller: 156, ARTEC: 154), ateliers, sharing community for adolescents

Wiener Wohnbaupreis 2019

structural engineering: Straka & Partner, Vienna / HAVCR, electronics: Mischek, Vienna / building physics: Kern+Ingenieure, Vienna / landscape: Auböck+Kárász, Vienna /// photos: © Lukas Schaller, Bruno Klomfar