Hof, Alberschwende (AT)

This residential complex combines traditional materials and a modern architectural style. The two mixed timber construction buildings contain 17 apartments and are rotated at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. This results in a generous living environment with a structure befitting the village environs. The connecting underground parking disappears in the sloping ground. Long bands of windows structure the façade horizontally, cantilevering corner balconies and spacious roof terraces fit neatly into this linear design.
The outer walls were made of wooden elements and shingled with larch tiles. Despite the traditional choice of materials, the architectural language is clearly committed to modernity. An example of how the wood-concrete construction method takes its place permanently in residential buildings.

Client: Oa.sys
Location: A-6861 Alberschwende, Hof
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Roman Österle
Construction: 2011-2012
Area: 1 570 m²
Capacity: 16 apartments

structural engineering: zte Leitner, Schröcken / HAVCR: Lukas Ing. GmbH, Wolfurt / electronics: Pro Strom, Schwarzenberg / building physics: Lothar Künz, Hard /// photos © Adolf Bereuter