House L, Bregenz (AT)

The house, an ashlar with a differentiated front, is integrated in the upper part, on declivous ground. The broad side enjoys its exposure to the south and a view upon a pastured terrace, which is formed by the garage’s diagonally placed volumes and has a basin cut in, referring to the structure orthogonally and centrally. In spite of its spaciousness, the residential wing is compact and develops up the slope over three levels.
Adjacent to the driveway, a roomy entrance hall is situated. The family’s private area is located above, on the actual ground floor, where the children’s rooms directly access the garden. In the building’s projecting end, their parents can enjoy the view on the lake through a wrap-around window giving to the west.
Passing this “entresol”, visitors reach the rear part of the upper floor over a two-flight cascade stairway. Arriving on top, the room opens out and offers a 180-degree view on the Bregenz Bay. An overhanging canopy shades the roof garden, placed in front to the west and accessed by a narrow roofed walk. The corridor runs from the higher-level, slope-side terrain past the glass front, directly interlocking the residential story with the garden.

Client: private
Location: A-6900 Bregenz
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Albert Rüf
Construction: 2000
Area: 150 m²

photos: © Bruno Klomfar