House H, Prague (CZ)

The wide single-story building towers on the slightly sloping terrain, its back facing the street, offering a view of the serene hilly landscape. The cladding is made from wide larch wooden slats and the openings for the terraces and the windows appear as tranquil figures. The light plastered, solid basement extends only through one-half of the house, thus accentuating the suspended character of the wooden structure mounted above. The entrance and the staircase unit traverse the building and connect the forecourt, the carport and the protected pool area with view of the garden. As a result, guest rooms and the utility room in the basement receive sufficient natural light.
Living and sleeping areas are situated on one level. Adjoining rooms are arranged along the wall facing the street side. Light enters through a slender ribbon glazing, shielding the spaces from intruding glances. Only the entrance and the large window on the west side accentuate this building section. The interior is clad in larch panels and furnished with lightweight design elements and uniform oak parquet flooring. Placed between the solid back wall of the staircase unit with the entrance and a room-sized terrace section the living space displays a fireplace and a dining table. The kitchen has been moved into a wide alcove, while a small parlor at the rear of the building front offers private areas. The rooms past the entrance are accessed along the path system that connects the entire house. Here, three bedrooms and two bathrooms are economically organized. A footbridge extending past the rooms leads from the narrow terrace via the staircase back to the living area. This layout connects paths inside and around the house.

Client: private
Location: CZ-12000 Prague
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Ralf Broger, Josef Smola
Construction: 2005
Area: 325 m²

photos: © Bruno Klomfar