House G, Lustenau (AT)

A completely flat terrain – alluvial land of the Alpine Rhine, which also marks the border to Switzerland – characterize the topography of Lustenau in the Rhine valley. The site as well as the surrounding residential area did not predestine a location, reference or anchor point for the new house. Finding the ideal position thus became the central challenge of the architectural design.
Dividing the volume into two buildings and connecting them with a fair-faced concrete wall creates a protected courtyard, shielding the garden from the access road. Grill oven and bench serve this outdoor kitchen and living space for the warm season. The floor of the living space is lowered by three steps, embedding it into the ground and connecting it even more with the generous surrounding.
A custom-made sofa runs along two sides, continued by a wooden bench in front of the casein-filled stove block. An acoustic ceiling constructed in white channel battens makes the entire ground level merge into a harmonious spatial continuum. The four bedrooms on the upper floor maintain their warm atmosphere through room-high wardrobes with white fir fronts. Light-colored oak planks permeate all the rooms except the kitchen and bathrooms, where a black-ground terrazzo floor provides a pleasant contrast.

Client: private
Location: A-6890 Lustenau
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Felix Kruck
Construction: 2014-2015
Area: 260 m²

structural engineering: GBD, Dornbirn / HVAC: Team GMI, Dornbirn / electronics: Kremmel & Schneider, Lustenau / building physics: Weithas, Lauterach /// photos: © Dietrich | Untertrifaller