Garden Estate Lobaugasse, Vienna (AT)

Based on the principle of systematic randomness, 88 units have been built on two plots featuring eleven rows of four houses each. A wide road separates the complex into a western and an eastern section. It serves both as a communal and recreational space, as well as a playground and public thoroughfare. Parallel access paths adjoin crosswise. Cars are concentrated on one parking lot in the southeast of the site. A building for communal use and a playground are situated nearby.
Four different, basic ashlar shaped layouts were developed based on their position and orientation on the site. They can be differentiated by their organization of the ground and upper floors, the number and location of the windows, the choice of façade materials and the optional basement. The living areas are located four steps below, forming an indented “living pit”. Hedges framing the garden and walls opening to the sitting area in the garden create much more privacy for all residents than usual apartment buildings. Prefabricated timber components ensure short assembly time and afford a pleasant living ambience.
The geometric repetitive arrangement on the site prevents prying looks from outside. The outdoor spaces in the garden are shielded from the neighbors to avoid disturbance. Various types of trees area dotted around the entire property and add to the overall harmonious image of the complex. Arranged in a random pattern, they soften the geometric order of the buildings. As a result, the concept of the complex meets two main requirements: the serial principle helps to save building costs and the variability is a vehicle for individual expression for the occupants.

Client: ÖSW – Österreichisches Siedlungswerk
Location: A-1220 Wien, Heustadelgasse
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Dominik Phillip
Competition: 2006
Construction: 2008-2009
Area: 7,610 m²
Capacity: 91 allotment houses in prefabricated timber-frame construction

structural engineering, HAVCR: Vasko+Partner, Vienna / landscape: Land in Sicht, Vienna /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar, Dietrich | Untertrifaller