Foyer & Bar Schauspielhaus, Vienna (AT)

The theater hall of the Schauspielhaus in Vienna’s Porzellangasse is located under the courtyard of a house from the Gründerzeit era. The foyer facing the streetside seeks to attract attention and spark the interest of visitors. The adjacent building, which can be accessed from the foyer, houses the S-Bar, a popular meeting spot prior, during and after the show.
Bright red on the ground, wall and ceiling, illuminated surfaces with a fur motif in soft pink; surfaces flow into each other; contours seem to dissolve. The lobby shows the transition from city reality to the world of theater.
The next door bar is divided into an intimate lounge completely immersed in red and a classic guest room, while the walls and floors are finished in dark acacia. A snakeskin motif covers the ceiling.

Client: Schauspielhaus Wien
Location: A-1090 Vienna, Porzellangasse 13
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Marina Hämmerle
Construction: 2002

site management: Justin, Vienna / structural engineering: Vasko+Partner, Vienna / building services: PPS Engineering, Völklingen /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar