Meditation Retreat Gut Hochreute, Immenstadt (DE)

This exemplary agricultural estate, built around 1910, was converted and enlarged into a center for a Buddhist community. All interventions were carried out in harmony with the existing building, boasting simple, but exclusive architecture and craftsmanship. Echoing the tradition of agricultural buildings, the historic farm was not entirely redesigned, but rather expanded by modern means.

Client: Buddhismusstiftung Diamantweg
Location: D-87501 Immenstadt, Hochreute 1
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Roland Gnaiger
Project management: Günther Prechter
Competition: 2009
Construction: 2013-2015
Area: 4,300 m²
Ecology: Passivhaus-Standard
Capacity: 50 guestrooms

2015 German Timber Construction Award

structural engineering: gbd, Dornbirn / HAVCR: Mayer, Ottobeuren / lighting design: Pfarré, München / landscape: Bacher, Linz /// photos: © David Matthiessen; © Dietrich | Untertrifaller