ETH Sport Center, Zurich (CH)

The ETH sports center in Zurich marks the transition between the city campus and the rural landscape of Käferberg. The building integrates itself into the natural slope of the hill; the sports grounds installed on the roof seem to be part of the landscape. Only the south and west facades, which are completely covered in glass, open on to the campus. A ramp marks a gentle transition, showing users the free access to the surrounding landscape. From the foyer, the view plunges towards the heart of the building: five floors are divided into a large multisport space with terraces, cloakrooms, rooms for gymnastics and dance, and for bodybuilding, as well as a space for relaxation. The configuration of the interior spaces, along with the functionality and signage of the building, add up to a use, which is simple and clear. The transparency of the glass walls renders the spaces extremely bright, in contrast to the somber envelope. The Eco-Minergie certification meets the ETH target of providing amenities with a high energy performance.

Client: ETH Zurich
Location: CH-8093 Zurich, Robert-Gnehm-Platz 1
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller | Stäheli
Project management: Peter Nussbaumer
Competition: 2004
Construction: 2006-2009
Area: 8,060 m²
Ecology: Label Eco-Minergie

2012 AIT Award (nomination), 2011 IOC-IAKS Award, Der Österreichische Baupreis (Austrian Construction Prize)

structural engineering: Mader & Flatz Rissi, Bregenz; SHP, Zurich / HAVCR: Team GMI, Dornbirn / electronics, lightings: Hecht, Rankweil / building physics: Weithas, Hard / acoustics: Brüstle, Dornbirn / geotechnics: Andres, St Gallen / facades: Mosbacher, Schwarzach / costs: Baudata, Schaan / signage: TGG Hafen Senn Stieger, St Gallen /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar