Eschenpark, Vienna (AT)

The area on the southern outskirts of Vienna is undergoing radical change – the old commercial buildings make space for a new residential quarter, for which we have developed the master plan. The Eschenpark project consists of two residential buildings with a total of 72 two- to four-room apartments. The slender row construction of the four-storey buildings goes hand in hand with the elongated narrow plot. The clearly defined inner courtyard opens up into a generous green area. A forecourt, protected by the projecting upper floors, shapes the main access and provides an inviting entrance to the quarter,
The tectonic play of the visible vertical bulkheads, the horizontal plates, the incised loggias and the projecting balconies accentuate the façade. The ground floor apartments have private gardens and terraces, which are slightly elevated from the public courtyard. On the upper floors, spacious loggias and balconies extend the living space to the outside and offer attractive views into the green spaces with their varied vegetation. We pay special attention to the planning and design of the green areas and open-air spaces. Apart from its diverse range of usability, these areas form the focal point of the residential complex.

Client: Eschenpark Immobilien Verwertung GmbH
Location: A-1230 Vienna, Stipcakgasse
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Alexander Janowsky, Tobias Indermühle
Competition: 2016
Construction: 2019-2020
Area: 7,600 m²
Capacity: 72 condominiums + Underground car park

structural engineering: Fröhlich & Locher, Vienna / building physics: Röhrer, Vienna / building services & electronics: KWI Engineers, St. Pölten / landscape: Idealice, Vienna /// photos: Andreas Buchberger