Ecoquartier Les Jardins de Sinople, Steinbach (FR)

The Ecoquartier Les Jardins de Sinople is being built on the site of the former Rollin factory in Steinbach. The site, which is characterized by its industrial past, creates a prime example of sensible conversion, geared to the challenges of tomorrow‘s living. The circular economy is an important theme, as are environmental protection and multigenerational living.
Our concept for this environmentally friendly housing development envisages a loose arrangement of terraced houses, single-family homes and apartment buildings, that offer attractive and sustainable living spaces in the immediate vicinity of the village centre. Most of the parking spaces are located below ground level, so that the residents have access to as much undeveloped green space as possible.

Apartment buildings
The buildings are adapted to the loosely built structure in the village centre. Access to the flats is via arcades, which encourage interactions between the residents. All flats are oriented on two sides and have large private outdoor areas.

Terraced houses
The terraced houses are designed as three-storey units with spacious outdoor areas and covered private parking spaces. On the ground floor, the living room and kitchen open onto the terrace and private garden. The second floor offers two bedrooms, an office and a bathroom. On the top level, the bedroom with dressing room and bathroom benefits from direct access to the terrace.

Single-family homes
The L-shaped detached houses bring the garden inside through generous window fronts. The living room, kitchen and study are located on the garden level. Bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor face the garden and a terrace.

Client: Karbøne, Mulhouse
Location: F-68700 Steinbach, Grand Rue
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Christoph Teuschl
Competition: 2022
Construction: 2024–2028
Area: 8,738 m² (2.057 m² terraces houses, 4,241 m² apartment buildings, 630 m² detached houses, 1,210 m² apartments for senior citizens, 600 m² studios)
Program: Program: 91 apartments (36 in terraced houses, 49 in apartments buildings, 6 in in detached houses), 22 for senior citizens, studios, offices, commerce

General contractor: CKD / structure: CETEC Ingénierie / building services + building physics: Solares Bauen / environment: AMS Ingénierie // rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller