DC3 Tower, Vienna (AT)

The tower in Vienna’s Donauplatte area complements the towers DC1 and DC2 by Dominique Perrault and offers 832 apartments for temporary living. The 100-meter-high building is connected on several levels to the existing Donaucity quarter as well as to the transport network via public plazas and paths. A glazed partition in the middle axis brings daylight into the building core, which impresses with generous two-story access areas. The projections of the three-dimensionally warped façade elements correspond to cozy wood-clad alcoves, which frame the view of the Danube and the city in every room.

Client: S+B Blan & Bau GmbH
Location: A-1220 Wien, Donau-City-Straße 3
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Vinzenz Dreher
Construction: 2018-2021
Area: 24,000 m²
Capacity 832 student apartments, fitness and event area, community gardens on the roof and in the basement

structural engineering: KS Ingenieure, Vienna / HAVCR: die Haustechniker, Jennersdorf / heating, façade: Dr. Pfeiler, Graz / fire protection: Kunz, Mödling / wind calculation: Weatherpark, Vienna / soil mechanics: 3P Geotechnik, Vienna / traffic: Rosinak & Partner, Vienna / landscape: Kieran Fraser, Vienna / rendering: Expressiv, Vienna