DC Residential, Vienna (AT)

The site of the DC Residential residential complex in Vienna’s Donau City is extraordinary: the New Danube in the front, residential and office towers in the back and the Danube bank motorway below. The slab over the A22 motorway serves as a foundation and its cavities also house cellars and technical rooms as well as the building access from the underground car park. In order not to seal off the bank from the surrounding area, the slender structure is oriented with its narrow side towards the Danube. The height restriction to four storeys preserves the view of the Danube from the significantly higher buildings behind it.
The elongated bar rests on a straight plinth, clad in deep black aluminium, housing garden apartments. Above, three living floors rise with sawtooth-like open oriels and balconies, which allow all apartments a view of the Danube. Wave-shaped, white parapet bands emphasise the striking facade structure and provide an elegant contrast to the dark ribbon windows. Exterior curtains offer optimal privacy and sun protection and lend the building an airy summery flair, matching its location on the waterfront.
The pedestrian entrance, located on the Marcel-Prawy Promenade, leads directly into the foyer. The central staircase gives access to a total of 63 apartments and the roof garden. Skylights at both ends accentuate the long central corridor and create a high-quality, attractive entrance to the apartments.
The apartment typology consists mainly of 2-room apartments with approx. 40 m². Recesses in the partition walls allow for the later merging of apartments. At the front sides of the last floor there are two 4-room apartments each with internal access to the private roof terrace. The rest of the flat roof will be greened as a roof garden.

Client: S+B Plan & Bau GmbH
Location: A-1220 Vienna, Donau City
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Anna Mittermair
Construction: 2020-2023
Area: 3,100 m²
Capacity: 63 condominiums

structural engineering: AXIS Ingenieure, Vienna / building services: TGA Engineering, Unterweitersdorf / facade: Dr. Pfeiler, Graz / fire protection: Kunz, Mödling / landscape: Kieran Fraser, Vienna / rendering: Expressiv, Vienna