Innovation Campus, Munich (DE)

The project area for the Innovation Campus closes the gap between the large-volume commercial and educational buildings in the west and the loosely built residential areas in the southeast. In order to incorporate the urban function of a commercial campus harmoniously into the rural landscape, we have designed an open building structure that is oriented towards the evolved village structures of the region. The accurately set rectangular blocks reinterpret the traditional saddle roof buildings of the surrounding area.
In the west, the Main Square with the Social Hub (canteen, boarding house, local supply) forms the prelude to the campus. The ground floors open generously to the outside and create diverse work and communication areas. The proper commercial and office areas are located on the upper floors and east to the main square. Their modular structure allows a wide variety of rental scenarios. Timber construction renounces to loadbearing walls and hence allows flexible room division. Two residential buildings with 28 apartments and a day care centre for up to three groups are located on the adjacent plot to the north.
Numerous green spaces, squares, cycle- and footpaths run through the car-free campus, with a “Village Green” at the interface between offices and residential buildings. The courtyards and the small, informal niche locations assigned to the buildings serve as extended work space and as additonal part of the building programme.
The multi-story car park south of the main road provides the majority of the 500 parking spaces. With its green façade, it blends harmoniously into its surroundings like the other buildings on the campus.

Client: Property developer
Location: Greater Munich
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2017
Construction: from 2020
Area: 42,460 m²
Capacity: Office & commercial (ca. 30,000 m²), living (ca. 3,500 m²), parking (8,800 m²), day care centre

landscape: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Überlingen / renderings: loomn architektur, Gütersloh