Blumenegg Areal, Bregenz (AT)

Instant soups were produced on this once densely built area in the former industrial belt of Bregenz until the 1970s. The residential complex is part of the re-use concept, through which the premises is reintegrated into the urban context. With their proportions and bright plaster façades, the six residences with rental apartments and condominiums pay homage to the remaining historic factory buildings, which have been preserved at the edges of the site. The building in the center of the traffic-free complex houses assisted living apartments and shared accommodation for people needing care.
The buildings meet the Passivhaus standards: they are equipped with controlled mechanical ventilation with dual thermodynamic flow, solar panels on the roof and geothermal heating.

Client: Schertler-Alge GmbH, Alpenländische Heimstätte, Wohnbauselbsthilfe
Location: A-6900 Bregenz, Brosswaldengasse
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Susanne Gaudl, Björn Osmann
Construction: 2013-2016
Area: 13,101 m² BGF /
Ecology: Passiv house certification
Capacity: 200 apartments, 270 underground parking places

2016 Innovative mobility concept

site management: i+R Gruppe, Lauterach / structural engineering: Mader & Flatz, Bregenz / HAVCR: Team GMI, Dornbirn / electronics: Brugger, Thüringen / building physics: Künz, Hard / landscape: Rotzler-Krebs, Winterthur /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar