Am Brand, Bregenz (AT)

We have constructed a new five-story residential and office building in the center of Bregenz. The ground floor, which is partially built into the slope, will house garages, storage and commercial space. The first floor contains flexibly designed office space, while the upper floors accommodate twelve generously proportioned apartments. The rooms are arranged on the street side around an incised loggia, which, through floor-to-ceiling glazing, allows views between the living, dining and sleeping areas. The terraced garden side shows extensive open spaces with a view into the greenery. Here, too, floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces provide brightness and transparency.
The sculpturally structured façade made of sand-colored precast concrete elements lends the building a subtle elegance that blends in well with the densely built-up surroundings. Regularly arranged windows of natural oak set attractive accents.


Client: SPMHG GmbH
Location: A-6900 Bregenz, Am Brand
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Susanne Gaudl, Konstantin Lohmann
Construction: 2019-2022
Area: 2,640 m²
Capacity: 12 apartments, 4 offices, underground parking

construction management: gbd, Dornbirn / structural engineering: Mader Flatz, Bregenz / building services: GMI Peter Messner, Dornbirn / electrics: Kremmel + Schneider, Lustenau / building physics: Bernhard Weithas, Lauterach /// photos: Albrecht I. Schnabel