Albert-Schott-Straße, Mittenwald (DE)


The Upper Bavarian climatic spa of Mittenwald in the Karwendel Mountains lives from tourism and therefore particularly values an intact appearance of the village. The town is proud of its customs, its colourfully painted houses and its 300-year tradition as the centre of German violin making.
Our residential complex is located a few minutes’ walk from the pedestrian zone “Obermarkt”, whose historic houses decorated with “Lüftlmalerei” attract visitors all year round. The three buildings blend harmoniously into the small-scale structured surroundings and yet attract attention through their expressive architecture with filigree wooden façades.
The three separate houses are connected by an above-ground access plateau. This allowed us to reduce the traffic areas in favour of larger but affordable residential units and to design generous outdoor spaces for the residents. The access plateau also serves as a place for meeting and communication. The vertical greening with climbing plants provides natural privacy and sun protection.
The flat mix consists mainly of two- and three-room flats, with larger three- and four-room flats also available on the top floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows and deep balconies as well as terraces on the ground floor bring light and openness into the compactly designed flats.
The façade, with its wooden cladding and light grey plastered base with white flanges, reflects the townscape. The lively façade design with wood and evergreen plant curtains changes its appearance again and again in the course of the year. Both the horizontal and vertical gardens also stimulate the microclimate and create a natural atmosphere.

Client: nordweis Immobilien GmbH
Location: D-82481 Mittenwald, Albert-Schott-Straße 7
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project Management: Björn Osmann, Larissa Stützle
Construction: 2021-2024
Area: 3,350 m²
Capacity: 24 apartments + underground parking
Ecology: KfW Efficiency House 55 (i.e., maximum 55% of the annual primary energy demand QP compared to the reference building according to EnEV).

Statics: Wagner, Bruckberg / building physics: Kurz and Fischer, Feldkirchen Westerham / Electrics: TB Hanel, Innsbruck / building services: Ranggertech, Innsbruck / geotechnics: Grund & Boden, Absam / building biology: Müller, Erkheim / fire protection: Renninger, Eßfeld / landscape: Doris Zerhoch, Garmisch-Partenkirchen /// renderings: Nightnurse Images