Won: 2 competitions for French school projects

Exciting news from our Paris office: we have won two important competitions for French school buildings!

The first project, the Lycée Tani Malandi on the small island of Mayotte off the south-east coast of Africa, presents us with special challenges. Because building a school in Mayotte means dealing with many questions on several levels in a completely different way than here in Europe – in the pedagogical, but also in the socio-economic and ecological areas.

Find out more about this interesting project here: Lycée Tani Malandi, Mayotte.

Demolish or renovate? This is what we asked ourselves when further developing the Lycée Evariste Galois, a school building from the 1970s near Paris. With a holistic environmental approach in mind, we decided to restructure and extend the building. Based on the qualities of the existing, we reorganise the individual parts of the building and combine them into a legible, communicative whole.

Read the details here: Lycée Evariste Galois, Sartrouville.