Zeughausareal, Innsbruck (AT)

The Zeughaus area has a very high potential for urban development thanks to the armoury, which is valuable in terms of art and cultural history, the inner-city location and the high quality of the river landscape along the Sill. The armoury stands out as a solitaire from the surrounding buildings and requires a particularly sensitive approach to its surroundings and the new building volume. The funnel-shaped opening of Jahnstraße will be expanded into a square that creates an adequate connection to the public space, upgrades the entrance and connects the green space along the Sill. The armoury is left completely free to the east and south.
A four-storey, buckled structure complements the southern building block. The apartments are equipped with loggias on both sides facing the square and the courtyard and are illuminated on both sides. On the north side, along the Kapuzinergasse, the row of houses of Jahngasse is taken up. Another bent four-storey building respectfully refers to the corner tower of the armoury. Two higher tower blocks complete the building site to the northeast and create an urban context to the neighboring housing estates.
The flats in the elongated, bent building are located to the southeast and northwest, creating a variety of external references. The two residential towers are planned with four apartements on each floor. All apartments are designed as corner types and thus offer generous views and good sunlight. The northern residential quarter is situated on a semi-public green area, which also provides access to the residential buildings.

Client: Stadt Innsbruck
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2005