Würth Administration, Rorschach (DE)

The design concept proposes an ensemble of three simple, prismatic structures with different proportions. They appear balanced and create open, spacious surroundings. Particularly noteworthy is the appropriate interaction of the congress building with the station and the differentiated and attractive design of the outdoor spaces.
The internal spatial organisation is clear and convincing. In the congress building, the hall, foyer and restaurant have a beautiful spatial relationship to the conference rooms. The restaurant on the first floor gains special significance thanks to its central, elevated location and the protected terrace in front of it. The spatial arrangement of the open-plan offices is stimulating due to the two-storey meeting zones and the rhythmic, small loggias.
The design of the façades is limited to the arrangement of bronzed, relief box windows. Due to the sophisticated inclinations of the front windows, the architects seek a play of light and shadow in order to achieve a relationship with the moving water and fine, optical differentiations. However, the arrangement of the box windows applied to the entire ensemble creates a too homogeneous and restrained appearance.
(Jury Report, 2009)

Client: Würth International AG
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller | Stäheli
Competition: 2009

landscape: Büro Kiefer, Berlin