Stavangergasse, Vienna (AT)

The city outside the city – living in a special location

Like any other city, the Stavangerhof also acquires its identity primarily through its public open spaces. Every building on the property becomes an outpost outside the city. The extroverted situation demands a concise form. The proposed structure therefore fills the entire property. Space-shaped incisions communicate with the surrounding area, respectfully create a distance to the neighborhood and allow for well-illuminated building depths.
Each of these incisions serves its own purpose and all the courts are connected to each other – a small city in the city is formed. All communal facilities are easily accessible at these passages. The courtyard intersections create a comb-shaped building structure which, despite the central aisle development, allows a large number of apartments oriented on both sides without north-facing apartments. Spacious balconies accentuate the courtyard form and offer an immediate contact with the outside space, as is appropriate for the location of the building.

Client: Wohnfonds Wien
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with AllesWirdGut Architekten
Competition: 2014
Area: 10,000 m²

developer: Heimbau, Wien und Neues Leben, Vienna