Town House, Wetzikon (CH)

The extension of the town house continues the original concept of solitaire. Towards Pappelnstrasse, the existing building will be completed by a new building, which consequently continues the height development and the structure. The façade made of prefabricated concrete elements simulates the existing façade. The ground floor of the new building accommodates the premises of the post office, the attic floor contains the meeting room and the cafeteria.
At Hirschwiesenstrasse, an angular residential building is proposed, as an urban completion of the neighbouring new Migros building project. On the north side, a six-storey building component takes up the heights of the Migros building, while the angled south-western part is given seven storeys to accentuate the urban development. In the lower part of the building there are plans for apartments extended from front to back, which can be designed as 2 ½ , 3 ½ or 4 ½ room types. An open square connects the existing town house and its extension with the new residential building and the Crown Hall.

Client: Stadt Wetzikon, Post Immobilien, Pensionskasse Schaffhausen
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller | Stäheli
Competition: 2014 / 2nd Round
Area: 11,000 m²

landscape: Paul Stricker, St Gallen / rendering: Martin Brischnik