City Casino, Basel (CH)

The two existing buildings are located in key location within the urban fabric, separating the two prominent squares in front of the “Barf├╝sserkirche” and the “Stadttheater” and defining enclosed square identities. This quality has to be maintained. The site for the competition entry offers views of different and independent cityscapes in every direction. It contains aspects of the Middle Ages, the 19th century, modernism and its immediate confrontation. For this reason, the new built casino has to be understood as a focal point with completely individual views into the synthesis of Basel’s building culture of 500 years.
The foyer on the long side in the south includes the street space of Steinenberg and responds to the ascending topography. A view of the newly designed square in front of the “Barf├╝sserkirche” is created between the new casino building and the restored and integrated hall.
The vertical access zones allow the visitor to experience the volumes of the two halls illuminated through generous glazing from above. The upper foyer floor communicates with the surroundings providing openings that focus on striking situations of the city.
The various catering and sales areas are all situated in attractive locations, especially the restaurant on the roof with fantastic panoramic views. The new concert and multi-purpose hall mimics the geometry of the existing hall and offers similarly high-quality room acoustics. The interior design is uncompromisingly modern and creates an exciting contrast to the existing interior.

Client: Baudepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2003