Security Centre, Vienna (AT)

With the construction of a security centre at the location of the Meidling police barracks, all service requirements are to be met in a future-oriented manner, both in terms of structural and technical infrastructure. Our design for the security centre blends in harmoniously with the environment and the listed buildings of the barracks. In contrast to the surrounding perimeter block development, we have freely arranged cylindrical structures of different sizes in the centre of the area. The building heights react carefully to the adjacent, heterogeneous buildings. Low on the periphery, the cylinders rise from 22 metres to up to 35 metres in the centre of the quarter, giving the ensemble an exciting silhouette with various visual references.

Nine circular buildings with two typologies
The circular arrangement avoids undesirable vis-à-vis situations and at the same time creates varied, attractive open spaces. The compact building geometry reduces the sealing degree to a minimum. The radial basic form also allows the use of serially prefabricated façade and ceiling elements. The nine circular buildings come in two typologies: small, compact rotundas and ring-shaped hollow cylinders. In the rotundas, the well-lit workplaces are organised in a ring around the core, which contains access, sanitary areas and ancillary rooms. The larger, ring-shaped cylinders provide generously landscaped courtyards. Built-up in the elevated plinth area, they are naturally lit by incised patios and skylights. This base zone can be organised and used in many ways – workshops and laboratories with daylight from above are just as possible as auditoriums or informal meeting areas.

Diverse public uses from sports to hotel
The swimming- and sports hall in the south-west can be entered independently above and below ground and allow undisturbed access for athletes and visitors. The sports field with a running track and grandstand follows to the west. In the northern existing building of the former officers’ casino we have accommodated the dining hall with adjoining kitchen and the kindergarten. Next to it is the hotel, which is centrally and independently accessible via a self-sufficient access area. The representative, listed existing building in the east forms the striking start of the quarter, visible from afar and will house the new visitor and communication centre. The park opposite will be opened to the public and redesigned as a landscape.

Discreet façade
For security reasons, the design of the façades does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the functions and uses behind them. A diffusely shimmering expanded metal cladding envelops the cylindrical structures – similar to a protective chain mail – in a silvery-looking, mysterious whole and simultaneously serves as glare and sun protection.

Client: Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft. Unternehmensbereich Spezialimmobilien, Wien
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller mit Delta Podsedensek Architekten
Competition: 2023, Anerkennung
Area: 150.000 m²
Capacity: offices, workshops, laboratories, IT centre, visitor centre, sports centre with running track, sports field, gymnasium and swimming pool, canteen, hotel, kindergarten

Building services: Team GMI, Vienna / landscape: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Überlingen /// rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller