Lew Tolstoy School Expansion, Berlin

The design “1+1=1” extends the existing Lev-Tolstoy school to a new holistic school, adding a clear extension and a new sports hall. The precise placement of the structures ensures easy orientation and clear exterior spaces. The light-flooded atrium at the heart of the new school is situated between the existing and the new building. The annex will be built parallel to the east façade of the existing building, connected by bridges to the existing one-sided access. Single-flight stairs between the bridges connect the atrium vertically and foster visual relationships and a communicative, lively coexistence.
The mezzanine floor between the administration area and the schoolyard is linked by seating steps and a wide-open staircase (break hall / forum). The shared areas such as the cafeteria and library are directly adjacent to the forum and schoolyard, as are the common rooms for afternoon supervision. The new hall and its entrance is clearly visible at Zwieseler Strasse. The alignment of the building follows the direction of the school building.

Client: Land Berlin
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Fabrik°B
Competition: 2015
Area: 2,935 m²

landscape: pukland – Maria Pegelow, Berlin