Struenseestraße School Campus, Hamburg (DE)

The school location on the approx. 2.85 ha site in the Struenseequartier in Altona-Altstadt is to be restructured and developed into a contemporary, sustainable school campus. The new campus combines a primary school, a grammar school and a German-French Lycée and will be a new home for around 2,000 pupils. In addition, a youth club and expansion space for the Altonaer Turnverband von 1845 will be housed.

We have arranged the three school buildings so that the main entrances are on Königsstraße and, together with the spacious forecourt, form an attractive, identity-creating address. A public north-south crossing to Struenseestraße removes the current barrier effect and connects the campus with the surrounding residential neighbourhoods. The south-facing schoolyards pick up on the soft design of the neighbouring green spaces and integrate them into the school grounds. Quieter retreats are created along the green corridor on Struenseestraße, while meeting places with folded wooden decks are offered near the entrance.

Primary school
The primary school is accessed via a central foyer and has its own small schoolyard to the south-east. The stacked gymnasiums with their distinctive head formation face Königsstraße. Above the centrally positioned administration, a terrace supplements the break areas and can also be used for outdoor lessons. The school clusters on the two upper floors are grouped around central “marketplaces”.

Secondary schools and sports areas
The two secondary schools are accessed both together and separately from the forecourt. The central middle axis opens towards the forecourt and the break yard. Common facilities are attached to both sides of this axis and are easily accessible for all. On the two upper floors, there is complete freedom to choose between clusters of 3 and 5 or 4 classes, depending on how the two grammar schools are to be divided. Above this, the science rooms are located in the central attic.
The large sports hall adjoins to the east and is connected to the grammar schools. External access is via Königstrasse, also barrier-free, at playing field level. A foyer with a stepped grandstand faces the playground. The common schoolyard of the two grammar schools is also zoned into quieter areas along the green corridor and movement areas on the more central site.

Youth centre and extension area ATV
The ATV extension with integrated new small gymnasium and the youth club extend south of the school buildings. The ATV extension is accessed underground via the existing ATV building, the small gymnasium also from the cloakrooms of the large sports hall.

The new campus with its individually designed open spaces and public squares has a positive effect on the entire district and further enhances the school location.

Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg – SBH Schulbau Hamburg
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2018
Area: 28,500 m²
Program: Primary school, secondary school, lycée, sports halls, ATV extension, youth club

Construction management: Ernst² Architekten, Stuttgart / landscape: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Überlingen /// renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller