Northwest Station, Vienna (AT)

The advantages of the open spaces and the positioning of the existing buildings in the city allow the location, the area and the joints to be further developed “carefully”. The district is defined by a multitude of boundary conditions, but above all by the generous spatial conditions of its present state.
The concept is based on three points:
1. maximum possible use of existing open space relationships and building construction sites
2. to continue building and sensitively supplementing the urban patterns surrounding the area
3. design of the space occupied by the track system with plantings and special forms of living and use developed from the situation.
The new quarter is an example of Vienna’s efforts to demonstrate the compatibility of gainful employment and family life, in particular through the townhouse development structure, and to offer a unique selling point in this respect compared with other development projects. The proposed urban planning transports values and norms of all genders, ethnic groups, age groups and classes through its spatial representations as well as through the design.

Client: Stadt Wien, ÖBB Immobilien
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2008
Area: 44 Hectare