Mercedes-Benz Campus, Stuttgart (DE)

A round, floating building completes the ensemble of the triangular Mercedes Benz Museum and the square Mercedes Benz Center – all basic forms are thus represented. With elegant lines, all components are brought together and the space with integrated campus drive is beautifully embraced. A bridge – with integrated, lockable stands on both sides facing the driveway – connects the campus to the Neckar river.
The Future Center is located parallel to the Mercedes Benz Museum. The all-round media façade made of tripartite ‘rims’ with LED equipment acts as an eye-catcher and prelude to the Mercedes Benz Campus at the entrance to the square. The wide glass front of the Classic Center provides a view of the salesroom and the ready-for-start showcars. The clubhouse floats freely above this exciting sequence of rooms. Behind it, another large glass front stretches out into a factory and warehouse which is naturally lit from above. The offices are oriented towards the Neckarpark on two floors, partly with reference to the workshop and the exhibition areas. The staff canteen is centrally located at the interface to the Future Center and is oriented towards a large, intimate inner courtyard. The required parking spaces are integrated in the base construction at the interface to the Mercedes Benz Center.

Client: Daimler Real Estate GmbH, Brand Communication Mercedes-Benz
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2014, 2nd round
Area: 28,000 m²

structural engineering: Bollinger-Grohmann, Vienna / landscape: Balliana-Schubert, Zürich / rendering: Expressiv, Vienna